Business and Economy in Bilaspur

Bilaspur a developed metropolitan city as well as the second-largest city in Chhattisgarh is the administrative headquarters of Bilaspur district. In recent years it has seen growth of major industrial units. Today with robust infrastructure Bilaspur is contributing significantly in the economy of Chhattisgarh. Government of Chhattisgarh has also taken various initiatives to boost business and economy of the region. Though Bilaspur is prospering in various areas businesses, but is famous for its rice quality, Kosa industry and its cultural background. It is also known for its coal units and power generating plants.

Business and Economy in Bilaspur

Industrial Areas in Bilaspur

Sirgitti , Silpahri and Tifra around Bilapur are major industrial areas near Bilaspur. Located on the outskirts of Bilaspur city Sirgitti Industrial Centre is spread over an area of approx. 338 hectares.With about 324 industries it provides direct employment to 4431 persons. Silpahari Industrial Centre is another industrial area near Bilaspur and is home to many sponge iron industries. Tifra Industrial Area situated on the outskirts of Bilaspur city is spread over an area of approx. 65 hectares. Many Chemical, PVC foorwear, HDPE woven sacks, Polythene bags & sheets, Soft drinks and other units are located here. CSIDC or Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation Limited is responsible for the development of maintenance of all these industrial areas in and around Bilaspur.

Coal Production in Bilaspur

Economy of Bilaspur

Bilaspur is an important center of coal production in Chhattisgarh. Many well known companies like NTPC, SECL and others are situated in Bilaspur. SECL or South Eastern Coal Fields Limited subsidiary of Coal India Limited operates from Bilaspur. SECL , a Miniratna has its head office at Bilaspur . Established in 1985 it has about 92 coal mines spread over Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

Power Generation in Bilaspur

Bilaspur is also a well known name in power generation. The coal based power plants of NTPC are acting as a source of employment in the region. Mostly coal is used to generate electric power in Bilaspur and it creates about 10,000 MW of electricity. As many as 22 companies are interested to tap an estimated power generation potential of 50,000 megawatt in the region. Sipat Thermal Power Plant India's second largest power plant of NTPC is loacted in Bilaspur. It generates 2980 MW with 3 units of 660 MW each and 1 unit of 1000 MW. NTPC not only creates thermal power, but it has hydropower plants too on the Koldam Dam near Bilaspur. Almost 90% of the local villagers avail electricity in Bilaspur district.Due to the abundance of natural resources many private players have proposed to set up thermal power plants in the region. Nova, KSK, Gitanjali, Mahanadi are to name a few.

Additional Information on Business and Economy of Bilaspur

    In Bilaspur you can find electrical based industries, mineral based industries, wood based industries and others. There are almost 2700 small scale industries based on ready-made garments and embroidery. Lots of new companies are turning to Bilaspur. The city in general and Bilaspur district on particular has emerged as hot spot for business and economy in Chattisgarh. Here you can find branches of many nationalized banks like State Bank of India, Punjab National Banks and others. Further many agro based industries are based in Bilaspur and are contributing immensely in the growth and development of the city.

    With the growing industries of Bilaspur during the past years, many industrial areas are also established. New industrial areas are growing in Bilaspur every year and this is causing an expansion of the city. In Bilaspur the Vyapar Vihar is a new area developed for commercial and goods transportation. These industrial industries are creating lots of job vacancies in Bilaspur that is why the economy of Chhattisgarh is automatically growing and it is also attracting new investors.

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