Cuisines of Bilaspur

India is called “incredible” for having variation in tradition, language, and culture as well as in food all over. Just like its traditions and culture Bilaspur has its own taste of food. As Bilaspur is famous for rice you can try out different types of dishes made of rice while visiting this beautiful region of Chhattisgarh. With the changing time fast food culture has penetrated into the region. But the taste of true traditional Bilaspur dishes is unmatchable. In Bilaspur you can see lots of tribes and they make their food with mostly rice and rice flour.

Popular Cuisines of Bilaspur

Foods of Bilaspur

No trip to Bilaspur is complete without tasting its popular traditional cuisines. Get the taste of famous Doobraj rice, rice role, chila, angakar roti, thetri-khurmi or any other item. Bilaspur is famous for its typical cuisines. Most of the traditional food in Bilaspur is based on rice and rice flour as well as curd. If you want to taste traditional food of Bilaspur then you need to visit it around the folk festival season when the special dishes are made. During the festival season Petha is a common dish which is made in almost every house. To make Petha they mostly use rice flour and it is prepared by the tribes of Bilaspur. Rakhia Badi is also a popular dish in Bilaspur and it is a type of curry. To make this special curry they use rakhia fruit and it also includes other ingredients like green chillies, ginger, coriander and seeds of slashed black gram.

Taste of Bilaspur

The people of Bilaspur like a little spicy food and they also add various flavours and aroma in the daily cuisine. “Garam masala” is widely used in the food made in Bilaspur that adds a unique taste in the food. For cooking vegetable oil is mostly used and they prefer to use sunflower and canola oil. The people of Bilaspur eat rice and bread or ‘rotis’ made of wheat, jowar and bajra. Chicken, eggs, mutton, meat and other non-vegetarian items are also included in the daily cuisine list of Bilaspur.

Snacks of Bilaspur

You must try typical samosa of Bilaspur which compared to it counterpart in Delhi and other parts of India is light, highly delicious and aromatic. Other hot-favorite thing to try in Bilaspur is Jalebi. It is one of the most favourite sweet of Bilaspur widely available in everywhere. Except other special that you can taste in Bilaspur are khurma, khaja, peda, maipua and various other sweets to name.

Eateries in Bilaspur

As Bilaspur is developing city of Chhattisgarh many restaurants have made apperances on the canvas of the city. You can find wide range of new restaurants and fast food centres in Bilaspur. These reastauants serves as a persfect place to dine after a day long work. They are fast emerging as a popular hangout places in Bilaspur.You can also find many popular street foods on the stalls in the markets. Kashi's Cool Cafe, Fantasy, Sigri Restaturant are some of the popular restaurants in Bilaspur.

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